Take a dip into summer!

Clam dip and vegetable tray

Today it hit me like a ton of bricks… IT IS SUMMER!!! I know I am a little late to the party. I think you start losing track of school breaks and the seasons start running together when you don’t have kids in school. Also, this May has been unseasonably cold. We did get some much needed moisture! But today was sunny and 85 with a little New Mexico breeze (in other states that is known as a 35 mph wind). Today is also the first day with our newly renovated backyard! My husband and I (more him than me) have been working on adding a little patio in our backyard, and we put up a fence! YAY!! I know what you are thinking… “Crazy lady most yards in America have a patio and a fence.” But this momma is a little excited.

Two things that don’t mix well are a curious two year old and the day to day activities of a dairy farm. When living 163 steps to the dairy barn, there is always milk trucks, feed trucks, grain trucks and shift changes. I will say, this is not the closest I have ever lived to a dairy barn. When I was a kid, we lived 52 steps to the barn. My little brother could crawl there, and my dad could hear the pumps at the barn shut off from his bedroom. My dad could not have been more excited! Ohhh the life of a dairy farmer! We don’t get to “go home” from work at 5pm. But one of the nice things about living so close, we are just a knock on the door away if there is a problem, and there tends to be the most problems at 2am in the morning. But that’s how it is when a business runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you have animals depending on you to care for them.

Summer days with G and our baby kitten
Summer days with G and our baby kitten

I will enjoy the privacy of the fence and the ability to keep my toddler contained. But I will miss breakfasts with Gwenevere discussing the “moo-moos”, the “baby moo-moos” and the “mean kitties” (aka the wild barn cats). And saying hello to everyone as they passed by. Tomorrow, we are going to try and figure out a way to lure our goat into the yard with some treats because we will miss having her close to the house. We love (almost) every moment of living on our farm. And I am sure we will adjust to life with the dairy just outside the fence.

Ingredient list for clam dip
Ingredient list for clam dip

Back to summer! Summer time makes me want to enjoy a picnic with G (maybe on our new patio!), and one of my favorite, go-to sour cream dips, clam dip! Yes, that’s right, clams. Don’t knock it until you have tried it. I stole this recipe from my Mom, who stole it from my Grammy. It is super simple and amazing! I have had more requests for this recipe than any others. I hope your family enjoys this dairy good recipe as much as we do!

Ingredient prep for clam dip
Ingredient prep for clam dip
Wendy's Clam Dip
Wendy’s Clam Dip

Udderly in love with summer,

New Mexico Milkmaid


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